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January 28, 2012

Infographic for Our School

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I’ve created an infographic for our school. It is meant to highlight our 10 year anniversary. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Higher Quality PDF version available here: TIS by the Numbers 11-12(web)


December 5, 2009

Future Posts

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Ferry rides are great catalysts for future planning for me. Ferry rides and hot showers. Now if I could just combine the two….

Here are some topics I jotted down for future expansion:

What do you teach?

Can they all learn? Playing the hand that you are dealt.

Classroom management
What will they learn by the end of the period?
Constructing knowledge
Entry & Exit slips
Building Rapport
Why classroom rules don’t work (consistent community culture)
Giving away your authority
Sending them to the principal’s office
Hallway management
Contacting home

The Parent Meeting – preparation, during, follow up
When the principal comes into your room
Confidentiality and Respect (cya)
The Big Question

April 22, 2009

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If tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear, does it make a sound?
Well, we can certainly reword that for today’s organizations.
If a decision is made, and nobody knows about it, does it make any difference?
Right now there are two policies on my desk that are in this exact quagmire. A decision has been made. The policy has been drafted. The procedures are in place. But nothing has changed. It’s missing the next step.
Follow through has always been a bit of a pain in the ass for me. I love creating but implementing is another story. Or I will do the initial implementation but I fail to do the complete follow up.
Peter Drucker makes this clear in his book The Effective Executive:
A decision has not been made until people know:
– the name of the person accountable for carrying it out;
– the deadline;
– the names of the people who will be affected by the decision and
– the names of the people who have to be informed of the decision, even if they are not directly affected by it.

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